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TUNNEL TECH was founded in 2006 by B&C Nightingale Farms Limited after having
trialed high tunnel technology in our own farming production. Our experience allowed
us to identify key design features and perfomance requirements. Our goals are to:

  • Produce high quality structures at affordable pricing
  • Provide installation support to ensure effective solution
  • Maintain a working demonstration farm to test our products
  • Share our growing experience with our customers

Customized Design

  • Each installation has its own requirements based on winds, micro climates, soil type
    and the particular crops chosen. We customize each installation to meet the unique
    requirements of the location and will
    manage your High Tunnel project from inception
    to completion.

Optional Installation Management

  • While we provide a complete installation manual that covers each step of an installation,
    we can provide onsite installation management to ensure a worry free installation and
    complete training of your staff for ongoing tunnel management.

North American Manufacturing

  • Canadian company with onsite manufacturing and local suppliers = quick delivery and quality service
  • We can use US steel for our American clients ongoing,
  • in-house research information is available covering a wide variety of crops

International Tunnel Experience

  • Our team travels to tunnel sites around the world to stay up to date on what can be
    accomplished with our technology


Learn more about our products.

rdroof_vents manufacturing4-sized.jpg welding
We can customize our design to suit specific applications We forecast our production to minimize  lead time on our deliveries Our in-house skills cover bending, welding, and fabrication



E-mail us to learn more about what TUNNEL TECH is doing in Ontario.

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