TUNNEL TECH in Jamaica

80% of the fruit and vegetables consumed in Jamiaca are imported because domestic agriculture cannot
support the population's needs.

Tunnel Tech has had a long connection with Jamaica and is committed to helping the country learn and
adapt North American growing methods to suit its own climate. Tunnel Tech is working with CIDA
(Canadian International Development Agency) to find ways to make agriculture a successful  industry in

High tunnels in Jamaica provide cover to crops in order take the peaks out of the daily temperatures and
shade the crops from too much sun. The result is plants grown with far less stress which allows farmers
to improve their yields and quality.

In Devon, Jamaica, our High Tunnel structures were the only agricultural structures standing after Hurricane
Dean hit the island in 2007.  Recognizing that tropical storms are an ongoing concern for farmers in the
Caribbean countries, tunnels provide a safer investment.

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Hurricane Dean in 2007


The destruction of agricultural structures

Tunnel Tech's structure was the only agricultural
structure left standing

Scotch Bonnet Pepper Growing



img_0048_-_2.jpg img_0042_-2.jpg
img_0034_-_2.jpg img_3944_-_2.jpg

Calallo Growing

img_3949_-_2.jpg img_0053_-_2.jpg

CAN GROW - 09 Project

Watchwell - St. Elizabeth, Jamaica - Simm's Family Farms

Objective: Adapting Canadian Technology to farming in Jamaica

Overview: A multi year trial is underway to evaluate the possibilities and potential for adapting Canadian growing methods and

equipment to Jamiaca's rigourous climate.

Project Managers

  • Bill Nightingale Sr. - Canada (876) 581-7344
  • Philip Newman - Jamaica (876) 919-1970

Operations Manager & Data Trainer - Amanda Wildfong - Canada (519) 582-4424

Jamaican Contract Grower in Training - Newton Simms (876) 476-5148


Tunnel & Nursery Installation Technician/Sales - Leon Roberts - Jamaica (876) 882-7791


Technical & Training Advisors - Jamaica

Bodles Research Station Jamaica - Dr. Ainsley Archer
HEART Foundation Jamaica - Robert Green
CPGCA - Alvin Murray (876) 361-2365

Canadian Farming Trainer -  John McMahon



Site & Land Preparation

dscf7025.jpg dscf7024.jpg
img_1722.jpg img_17231.jpg
62690188_2.jpg 62690069_2.jpg
626900812.jpg 626901012.jpg


Office Preparation

62690043_1.jpg 62690105_2.jpg

Nursery House Installation

62690049_1.jpg 626900522.jpg
626900563.jpg 626900572.jpg
626900592.jpg 626900622.jpg
626900742.jpg 626901092.jpg
hpim06812.jpg hpim06832.jpg
hpim07042.jpg john_mcmahon_jamaica_feb_19_2009_0701.jpg

john_mcmahon_jamaica_feb_19_2009_1511.jpg imgp0642.jpg


Tunnel Installation

hpim0664.jpg hpim06632.jpg
hpim06662.jpg hpim07022.jpg


hpim08961.jpg hpim09021.jpg
img_1696.jpg img_1724.jpg


img_1729.jpg img_1725.jpg
john_mcmahon_jamaica_feb_19_2009_0041.jpg john_mcmahon_jamaica_feb_19_2009_0061.jpg

john_mcmahon_jamaica_feb_19_2009_0131.jpg john_mcmahon_jamaica_feb_19_2009_0391.jpg
john_mcmahon_jamaica_feb_19_2009_0441.jpg john_mcmahon_jamaica_feb_19_2009_0531.jpg
john_mcmahon_jamaica_feb_19_2009_0591.jpg imgp0632.jpg


newton.jpg tunnel1.jpg


imgp0750.jpg imgp0752.jpg
picture1.jpg imgp0760.jpg


Beginning a "Back Yard Greenhouse" - Devon



imgp0782.jpg imgp0774.jpg
imgp0773.jpg imgp0783.jpg


Canadian/Jamaican Staff

img_1746.jpg john_mcmahon_jamaica_feb_19_2009_0561.jpg

Gary Rainer, John McMahon, Jan Moe



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