Now you can manipulate the growing environment even further!


Innovative coatings for optimising solar radiation and heat

Every detail counts when it comes to optimising the greenhouse climate. Good examples are reducing excess heat radiation and optimising the amount of natural growth light in the greenhouse. Important factors that have an immediate effect on the yield and quality of your crop. So why not choose the best products available?

ReduSystems is a line of innovative, environmentally sound products with one c
ommon objective: the best possible greenhouse climate. The ReduSystems line includes liquid coatings that contain photoselective pigments or high-grade chalk. ReduSystems coatings can manipulate solar radiation so that your crop will get the required amount of growth light. All liquid coatings in the ReduSystems line can be removed with a special cleaning product.

ReduSystems mean innovative products that respond to what the global horticulture industry wants: products that are easy and economical to use and reliable results. In Mardenkro’s laboratory, and in cooperation with internationally recognised research centres and universities, new ReduSystems products that provide crops with perfect conditions are continually being developed. ReduSystems provides you with the right products for controlling the climate even under sunny conditions to create the ideal growing conditions for your crop.




For a wear-resistant, removable coating with an adjustable shading effect

What is ReduSol?

ReduSol is the liquid shading product that you can use for applying a homogeneous, wear-resistant shading coat that protects against solar radiation. ReduSol can be applied in both thin and thick coats to glass, acrylate, polycarbonate and plastic film. The greatest advantage of ReduSol is that it can be removed. You can start the shading season in the spring with a thin coat of ReduSol. A thicker coat can easily be achieved later in the season by spraying an additional amount of ReduSol. ReduSol is highly wear-resistant and can be removed easily and safely with ReduClean after the season.

Advantages of ReduSol

• Easy to remove with ReduClean
• Shading effects of up to 80% (depending upon the concentration)
• White, even shading coat for proper reflection
• Easy to apply
• Highly resistant to frost and rain
• Increased light transmission during rain
• Diffuses light




For easy removal of ReduHeat and ReduSol from your greenhouse.

After having enjoyed the benefits of ReduSol or ReduHeat for a full season, it is time to remove the product from your greenhouse. You can do this with ReduClean.

What is ReduClean?

ReduClean is a cleaning product specifically developed to remove ReduSol and ReduHeat.
It can easily be applied to all greenhouse materials: glass, acrylate, polycarbonate and plastic film. After applying ReduClean, rain will be sufficient to remove the layers for a clean result. ReduClean is economical and safe for users. The result: a clean greenhouse

A wear-resistant shading coat that can be removed after use provides you with possibilities to manage your crop and protect against excess heat radiation.

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