Not Just Plastic

We purchase our films from a recognized leader in the film industry "AT Films Inc.". We use their
products and have proven results.

Information on Film

  • Our standard flms are 6 mililmeter thickness
  • Available in 3 or 4 year lifespan
  • Optional 35% & 55% shaded film
  • Solar Ice and Solar Flex offer light diffusing and heat trapping properties


Discuss your growing plans with us and we will help you determine the best film for your application

Discuss the benefits of light diffusing Film with us.

A leaf under a standard film gets some light from the sky, but most comes from its view of the sun.
A leaf under a diffusing film, however, may obtain a larger portion of its light from the bright canopy
than from a direct view of the sun.

Reducing Shadows

Diffusion reduces shadows and allows the plants to receive a more even distribution of light during the
day. Although the intensity of light at any one point in time may be lower under a diffused film, the total
light transmission is excellent and the plants may actually utilize more PAR light through the course of a
day with less stress. This is due to the more even distribution of light at crop level. By eliminating shadows
and spreading available energy more evenly on the leaf surface there is less stress on the top canopy of the
plant and more photosynthesis occurring in the lower canopy.

Visual Appearance

The appearance of diffused films is considerably different than standard polyethylene films. This is due to
the diffusion (scattering) of light through the film. Plants "see" and utilize diffuse and parallel light while our
eyes "see" mostly parallel light. This causes a diffused film to look dark and hazy compared to a "clear" film
even though the total light transmission remains the same.

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