Tunnel Tech Research and Demonstration Centre - LaSalette, Ontario

tunnel tech research and demonstration centre

Multi - Bay High Tunnels

We specialize in multi bay tunnels starting with 3 bays
Each tunnel layout is site specific
We will help with all phases of the process

Site measurements
Tunnel management



Why Use High Tunnels?

  1. Early and late season extension multi bay hoops
  2. Improve produce quality and yield; 50-100% (realitive to grower ability)
  3. Double cropping
  4. Insurable structure
  5. Increase ability to efficiently manage field environment; reducing plant stress
    - frost protection
    - rain splash protection
    - remove temperature peaks and troughs
    - eliminates moisture on plants, therefore reducing disease pressures
    - aiding with pest protection
  6. Removal of the impact of weather on harvesting dates
  7. Efficient production planning; harvest is consistent and predictable
  8. High quality product = increased buyer satisfaction
  9. The competitive advantage you are looking for

High Tunnels Sales

We are a manufacturer and supplier of high tunnels across Canada and the United States. Our experienced staff is always pleased to help you determine your tunnel needs and provide a complete solution

  • Manufactured in Canada
  • Demonstration site
  • Complete installation support
  • Dealer network

High Tunnel Production

Because we are also high tunnel growers we understand when high tunnels are cost effective and how to manage the crops inside them. We operate our high tunnels as a research centre in order to share our experience with our clients

  • Multiple crop trials
  • Various high tunnel growing methods
  • Best practices for high tunnel production
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