2007 Premier’s Award Winners for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence

B&C Nightingale Farms Ltd./Tunnel Tech Canada

(Pictured Left to Right: Leona Dombrowsky, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs;  Carmina Halstead and Bill Jr. Nightingale, with their parents, Bill Nightingale Sr. and Caroline Nightingale (recipient winners), Dalton McGuinty, Premier of Ontario

Premier’s Award Recipient

B & C Nightingale Farms Ltd. – (LaSalatte, Norfolk County)

William Nightingale traveled to Europe to research, first-hand, the benefits of covering vegetable crops with high tunnels, which are rounded, tent-like covers, designed to be set-up in tunnel or row formation on fields.

When he saw 20,000 acres of fresh vegetables flourishing under canopy, he was convinced the idea would help grow a better product and greater yields back home in Ontario. He was right. The high tunnels, which were modified to withstand Ontario’s climate, have extended the farm’s growing season by several weeks, doubled cropping opportunities, decreased insect and disease pressures, and resulted in a quality, consistent product.

The Nightingales have pioneered a change in Ontario fresh vegetable farming – helping growers move from conventional field production to covered production, and towards organic production. Their company, Tunnel Tech, makes and markets high tunnels to other growers. The farm not only sells the system, it also provides valuable technology transfer in the form of research data on varieties, yields, use of plastics and irrigation, and demonstration days.

When it comes to enhancing Ontario’s fresh vegetable growing opportunities – B & C Nightingale Farms has things covered.

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