Agricultural Development Accomplishments

1981 – Provincial R&D project testing the use of plastics for field vegetable crops;

1982 – Federal R&D project commercializing the growing of cantaloupes on plastic for Canada;

1984 – Provincial R&D project testing different colours of plastic for different vegetable crops and their responses;

1984 – Provincial R&D project – introduction of drip irrigation and responses to field crops;

1987 – R&D project – fumigant trials for vegetable crops;

1990 – Federal R&D project – seed breeding of eastern type cantaloupes for the eastern seaboard of North America. The 7 season project was shortened to 3-1/2 by growing in Jamaica during the winter season;

1993 – R&D project testing and developing infrared photography mapping and imaging for vegetable crop growth for nutrient levels;

1994 – R&D project developing new crops for tobacco farmers in transition;

1994 – Plasti-tech, Quebec – developing and testing new technology plastic for field vegetables;

1995 – Plasti-tech, Quebec – IVIS, France – testing, and developing new plastic planting equipment for the Ontario market;

1995 – Testing and developing aerial developing infrared photography mapping and imaging for vegetable crop growth for disease pressures;

1996 – Plasti-tech – testing and developing coloured low tunnels for vegetable crops for temperature conditions;

1996 – IRAP – R&D – response of coloured low tunnels for field vegetable crops;

2000 – IRAP – improving yields of field crops grown on plastic;

2001 – IRAP – develop, build and implement a self-propelled cantaloupe harvest aid;

2002 – Plasti-tech, Quebec – testing and trials on new plastics and equipment for Ontario;

2002 – Hosted International Horticultural tour of 40 different countries;

2003 – Can Adapt #673 – development of European high tunnels for the Canadian climate (6 yr project);

2004 – IRAP – development of the tomato and other corps for high tunnels in Ontario;

2004 – Hosted International Agricultural tour from Holland;

2004 – Hosted International Labour tour from Jamaica;

2004 – Began research and development in Jamaica for field vegetables imported to Canada during our winter season through CIDA feasibility study of agriculture in Jamaica;

2005 – IRAP – introducing honeydew melons as a feasible commercially grown crop for Ontario;

2005 – Federal project testing different tomato varieties and methods under high tunnels for yields and

2003 – 2006 – implementation of long term EFP (Environmental Farm Plan);

2006 – Creation of Tunnel Tech high tunnel manufacturing company – 1st in Canada;

2007 – Received the Premiers Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence for the province of Ontario. 1st place with the CAN GROW-08 project for Jamaica (100K award). Honoured at the 2008 Ag Summit held in Toronto, Ontario by the Honourable Premier Dalton McGuinty;

2007 – Received regional and county award for County and Region for Innovations with R&D from Agriculture Minister Leona Dombrowsky;

2008 – IRAP project with covering blueberries with high tunnels to increase yields and wildlife protection;

2008 – Strawberry project – increasing yields with day neutrals under high tunnels with high heat temperatures using unconventional methods;

2009 – Government high tunnel project with University of Florida, (Wimauma) USA;

2010 – Government high tunnel project with University of Guelph in New Liskeard, Ontario, Canada;

2010 – Government high tunnel project with Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada in Bouctouche, New Brunswick, Canada.