TUNNEL TECH offers 28′ high tunnel structures that are easy to install and are designed to work with your specialized farming equipment.

We will help you choose the best tunnel designs with regard to wind, temperature, soil type and particular crops chosen. We have the expertise to manage your High Tunnel project from inception to completion.

We source the material, construct the tunnels and offer on-site training to you and your staff on the management of these structures.

Why Use High Tunnels?

  • Early and late season extension;
  • Improve produce quality and yield; 50-75% (relative to grower ability);
  • Double cropping;
  • Insurable structure;
  • Increase ability to efficiently manage field environment; reducing plant stress;
    •  frost protection
    • rain splash protection
    • remove temperature peaks and troughs
    • eliminates moisture on plants, therefore reducing disease pressures
    • aiding with pest protection
  • Removal of the impact of weather on harvesting dates;
  • Efficient production planning; harvest is consistent and predictability;
  • High quality leading to increased buyer satisfaction;
  • Will aid in giving the growers the competitive advantage they are looking for.

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If tunnels are properly managed then they can go through minimal snowfall

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